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Chanterelle Mushrooms 4 oz. Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Chanterelle Mushrooms 4 oz.

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Description: Chanterelles are very delicate, with a fruity and peppery nutlike flavor. They add flavor, fragrance and color to many veal, poultry, pork and egg dishes as well as cream sauces. Their delicate flavor also complements many seafood dishes. Serve them as a side dish. After reconstituting saute in butter or olive oil with a little garlic, Italian parsley and chopped onions or shallots.

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Italian Honey Chestnut Honey Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Italian Honey Chestnut Honey

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Description: Organic Acacia Honey When honey bees forage among acacia flowers the honey they produce has a delicate flavor perfect for sweetening drinks, adding to coffee or tea and drizzling over many different cheeses. Organic Chestnut Honey With its deep, dark, amber color and unique flavor and aromas, this honey will show you there is much more to honey than you ever thought. The slightly bitter aftertaste makes this honey unique. Use it drizzled on Parmigiano-Reggiano or Pecorino Romano. It is also delicious on blue cheeses. A smear on walnut bread will make for a special breakfast treat. Organic Wildflower Honey Think of this honey as a cocktail of various Alpine flowers. The final result is a honey full of tastes and scents of the meadows. This versatile honey has many uses in the kitchen from a sweetener for yogurt to a wide variety of baking applications. Size: 14.11 oz jars.

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