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Bourbon Whiskey Extract 4 oz. Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Bourbon Whiskey Extract 4 oz.

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Description: The finest bourbon whiskey is used to make this outstanding bourbon extract. It is wonderful addition to sauces. Add it to whipped cream for a special treat. Ingredients: Contains the finest bourbon whiskey, sugar, propylene glycol, and water.

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Frontera Barbecue Sauces Original Sweet & Smoky-(Hot) Sauce Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Frontera Barbecue Sauces Original Sweet & Smoky-(Hot) Sauce

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Description: These are all 100% gluten-free and all natural items Roasted Chipotle Pineapple Sauce (Hot): Roasted chipotle peppers, pineapple and fresh garlic are blended together for a delicious sauce. Absolutely delicious on pork chops, shrimp and chicken. Net wt. 12 oz (340 g) Original Sweet &Smoky Sauce (Mild): An all-purpose marinade for a grilling feast. This is the gorgeous glossy baste for charcoaled shrimp. It is the hamburger seasoning to make hamburgers taste like hamburgers ought to. The real dipper for French fries, or... chicken nuggets. Net wt. 12 oz (340 g) Red Pepper Arbol Hot Sauce (hot}: Arbol chiles are Mexico's favorite for hot sauce, because they have an alluring red chii heat that wrestles with a hint of smokiness. Blend them with toasted sesame, pumpkin seeds, garlic and spices, and you've hit a delicious mark, close to those beloved homemade concoctions displayed in corked bottles throughout Mexican markets. This is truly a unique hot sauce which is great on French fri

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