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Bourbon Whiskey Extract 4 oz. Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Bourbon Whiskey Extract 4 oz.

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Description: The finest bourbon whiskey is used to make this outstanding bourbon extract. It is wonderful addition to sauces. Add it to whipped cream for a special treat. Ingredients: Contains the finest bourbon whiskey, sugar, propylene glycol, and water.

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Humboldt Fog Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Humboldt Fog

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Description: Size 1 Pound Made from pasteurized goat's milk. The American Cheese Society defines "artisanal" in cheese making as a cheese is produced primarily by hand, in small batches, with particular attention paid to the tradition of the cheese maker's art, and thus using as little mechanization as possible in the production of the cheese. Humboldt FogŪ fits that description perfectly. It is an elegant, soft, surface ripened cheese rivaling the great goat cheeses of Europe. The texture is creamy and luscious with a subtle tangy flavor. Each handcrafted wheel features a ribbon of edible vegetable ash along its center and a coating of ash under its exterior to give it a distinctive, cake-like appearance. The cheese comes to us from California's redwood region produced by Cyprus Grove Cheve owned by a mother and daughter team which has won numerous national awards for their cheeses. American farmstead cheeses often command a hefty price due to their limited production, but one bite will convinc

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