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Verjus Du Perigod 23.35 Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Verjus Du Perigod 23.35

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Description: Long a staple of French cooking, Verjus is an acidic, sour liquid that is made from unripe green grapes. Due to its mild acidity, it is an extremely versatile ingredient that will enhance poultry, game, fish, seafood, stews, marinades, sauces and even salads. Use it as a marinade. It is also used to heighten flavor in the same manner that lemon or vinegar would be used. Less acidic than vinegar, it is perfect for salad dressings and as a pan deglazer. Verjus is produced in the manner of fine wine, yet because of the low acidity level it will not distort the characteristics of a good table wine being enjoyed with the meal.

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Italian Double Concentrate Tomato Paste 4.5 oz. Tubes - pack of 2 Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Italian Double Concentrate Tomato Paste 4.5 oz. Tubes - pack of 2

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Description: Mutti of Parma, Italy has been producing top quality tomato products since 1899. What makes them different? The exclusive use of ripe Italian tomatoes. The ingredients are tomato and salt with no other additives. The drying process is an age old tradition that concentrates all the flavors, color, taste and nutritional benefits of the ripe tomato. Certification of Integrated Products granted because of use of enviromentally friendly cultivation process. Recommended use: 1/2 teaspoon per person when cooking meat or fish and 1 teaspoon per person when making tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes. Ingredients: Tomatoes, salt (45mg or 2%).

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