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Verjus Du Perigod 23.35 Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Verjus Du Perigod 23.35

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Description: Long a staple of French cooking, Verjus is an acidic, sour liquid that is made from unripe green grapes. Due to its mild acidity, it is an extremely versatile ingredient that will enhance poultry, game, fish, seafood, stews, marinades, sauces and even salads. Use it as a marinade. It is also used to heighten flavor in the same manner that lemon or vinegar would be used. Less acidic than vinegar, it is perfect for salad dressings and as a pan deglazer. Verjus is produced in the manner of fine wine, yet because of the low acidity level it will not distort the characteristics of a good table wine being enjoyed with the meal.

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Spinosi Egg Pasta Egg Pappardelle Category: Food/Beverage/Gourmet

Product: Spinosi Egg Pasta Egg Pappardelle

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Description: If Campofilone is the egg pasta capital of the world, then Spinosi Pasta is its king. This delicate egg pasta made with just eggs, flour and oil cooks within 3-4 minutes. They say that the Spinosi dry egg pasta tastes better than most fresh pasta. Spinosini The eggs in this Spinosi pasta are rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin E. The flour is a special superfine type. This egg pasta is made which such care that it tastes absolutely fresh. A world-renowned and award winning pasta maker, the House of Spinosi defines egg pasta. Sizes: 1/2 lb Shapes: Egg Maccheroncini, Egg Fettuccine, Egg Pappardelle, Egg Tonnarelli, Egg Fettuccine with porcini mushrooms, Egg Tagliatelle with spinach, Egg Spinosini 2000 with Omega 3

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